Funtouch vivo v15

The vivo V15 is the latest in a long series of phones developed by Nokia. It bears the tagline of “the world’s first personal mobile phone” and so many people are interested in this handset. However, before you buy any mobile phone it is important that you know just what you are looking for. The vivo V15 has all the basic features that will help you make an informed decision.

With so many competitors in the market vivo v15 today, it is sometimes difficult to decide on a phone that will work best for your needs. Fortunately, Nokia has developed the vivo V15 pro review to help you make the right decision. You can also check out the other pro review Nokia phones that can be found online. At this juncture, let us look at how the vivo V15 differs from its competitors. Namely, what sets it apart from them in terms of technology?

For starters, the vivo V15 has been designed for the premium segment. Thus, it is evident that the company has put in place a number of technological innovations that would put it a step ahead of the competition. To begin with, it comes with a powerful octa-core processor. This is the one that is used in the majority of mobile phones sold these days. Another innovation that the company has introduced into the v15 is the Hynomuskin XP headset with in-display fingerprint sensor. This means that you can use it with ease when you are calling and will no longer have to enter a code every time you pick up the handset.

Next, let us have a look at some of the other features that the vivo v15 pro has to offer. One of the most interesting and innovative features that the handset comes with is the GIMP. This is a special software that allows you to take photos, edit them and then share them via your social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The GIMP software comes with a free download. Apart from this, you also get a 15-day trial period. This means that during this period you get to use the handset for a further period of time before you decide whether or not to buy it.

Last but not least, one of the best features that the vivo v15 pro has to offer is the presence of a rear pop-up shade. Unlike the usual shade that is present on the front of many handsets, these rear shades have been designed to act as a shield whenever you are taking photos or performing various other activities that might require too much sunlight exposure. It acts as a rear window and protects you from the harsh UV rays that usually come with direct sunlight. You get to enjoy a clear shot without having to worry about your exposure to harsh sunlight.

For all of its superior specifications, the vivo v15 pro does sacrifice a few features that come as standard with many handsets. For example, it does not have a built in flash. On the downside, it also does not come with a memory card. Despite these sacrifices, this smartphone remains one of the most impressive ones in the market and one of the most sought after smartphone models.